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Digital Voice Converter (DVC)

Works with series DR-25 only!

It is used for logic intersystem switching between various digital standards APCO, dPMR, DMR and analog, each digital subsystem requiring its own Digital Voice Converter (labeled as DVC-25 #1 (dPMR), DVC-25 #2(DMR) and DVC-25 #3(APCO), respectively).


A system general layout is provided in Appendix A at the catalog end.
This IP-device has a 1U form-factor and provides conversion of the vocoder audio signal and the relevant call data (e.g. the number of the digital group of one of the digital formats) into PCM voice and service information, so that data and voice can be sent to another digital system (via its relevant DVC), besides it makes it possible to use all the dispatcher infrastructure of an analog Radiokupol system (analog radio communication networks, dispatching, voice logging, interconnect to SIP, PBX, PSTN, etc).

Each DVC supports simultaneous connection of up to 16 IP-devices of the “Radiokupol+” system.

DVC ensures logic integration of various digital and analog systems allowing them to operate in a single group both in static and dynamic modes using a Dispatcher software with the “Switching” function.

For dPMR standard, there are two modifications - DVC-dPMR (supports AMBE+2 genuine vocoder) and DVC-dPMR-C (supports Chinese vocoders AMBE+2C and ASELP designed by the Beijing University). Chinese vocoders are popular with cheap Chinese subscriber radios.

You can buy an additional software license to replace a dPMR repeater version with that of DMR/ARCO.

Note: The necessity of using our own repeater is related, among other things, to the fact that some standards, such as dPMR and DMR, do not describe interconnection between base stations, and in case of APCO – standard protocols described in TIA documents (e.g. ISSI, DFSI) are optional for many equipment suppliers, and are not included in the functionality basic set.