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“Radiokupol” on duty in the FGP “VO GDT Rossii”

Radio communication along extended sites

Site information

Public enterprise “Russia’s Railway Transport Security” (FGP “VO GDT Rossii”) ensure safety of transported loads, protection of sites and fire safety for the railway transport in the interests of the state, citizens and “RGD” company, on the entire span of railway roads – from the city of Kaliningrad to Sakhalin Island.

FGP “VO GDT Rossii” Adler – Kransnaya Poliana

On account of 2014 Winter Olympic Games in the city of Sochi, attention has been paid to the safety of the railway transport future sites in their construction stage and their subsequent operation.

An analysis of manpower and facilities for the security subdivisions required for the implementation of the above activities has been carried out.

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 Provision of the Sochi squadron rifle teams with reliable radio communication on the entire span of the controllable area.


Field test results carried out by the OOO “New Technologies Center” showed that to ensure reliable radio communication between an alert force and subscribers of the radio communication network in the open public space using portable radios with RF power less than 5W, it is essential that the following requirements to the base equipment location be met:
Transceivers (remote access stations) shall be spaced by the distance of less than 15 km, and the receivers – by less than 5 km (the coverage radii ratio for transmitters and receivers being 1:3).

Since the area of responsibility for each rifle team is not in excess of 10 km (excluding tunnels), then to ensure radio coverage for one area it is essential that one remote access station with RF power not more than 10W be installed, and in case of a complicated areas (tunnel, track bends, relief specifics) additional remote access stations of lower RF power will be required.

In the buildings for the rifle teams, the team boss is provided with the 5-channel “Dispatcher” software to ensure interaction between rifle teams, both between riflemen and with other establishments, if necessary, (MIA Transport Headquarters, EMERCOM, MIA).

The guard house is equipped with the KD-02 Dispatcher Console (Remote control set) with a headset to ensure communication between duty officer and riflemen within the area of responsibility of his rifle team, and nearby rifle teams.

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