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“Radiokupol” in the “Vegas” trade and leisure complex

Radio communication upgrade in the Europe’s largest trade and leisure complex

Site information
“Vegas” is the Europe’s largest trade and leisure complex.

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 Industrial site total area is 20 hectares.  7 reinforced concrete floors and complicates architecture solutions.  Huge amount of reinforcement metal creating obstacles to radio signal propagation.

Some hundreds of analog radios in use.

Total are is 400.000 sq.m. Two of the five floors are occupied by underground parking.


Radio communication provision for various services (security, administration, etc.) operating on the site. It is desirable to involve the currently used manpack radios when solving this task. 


“New Technologies Center” company have offered a cheaper but not less reliable solution – a Russian RoIP-system of its own development based on the RoIP-gateways - the “Radiokupol” system.
The system makes it possible to provide radio communication for the site without replacing the subscriber equipment. FR-104 RoIP-gateways, in conjunction with “Switching” server and “Dispatcher” software, enable radio communication between remote radios of the network, as well as connection between telephone subscribers and network radios over an IP-channel.

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 “Dispatcher” software is designed to ensure voice messages exchange using repeaters and remote access stations of the “Radiokupol” system.  “Voting Server” software ensures automatic selection the best signal coming from “Remote Access Stations-Repeaters” and broadcasting this signal to all network devices in a continuous mode.  “Remote Access Station-Repeater” is designed to ensure the required radio coverage, eliminate “dead zones”, and operation of the “Radiokupol” system as a whole.

To integrate various repeater zones into a single radio coverage zone, use has been made of the FR-104 RoIP-gateway, providing 3 independent radio communication channels.

Interconnection of all repeaters using FR-104 RoIP-gateways and a local IP-network enabled a substantial increase in the site radio coverage. Now, a subscriber located in the zone of one repeater, can communicate with all subscribers located within the zone of other repeaters.

But in spite of installation of repeaters, there were zones where subscribers could receive voice messages from air but could not respond to them. This is due to the fact that the handheld radio power is not enough high to overcome obstacles on the way to the repeater, as well as because base antenna characteristics (emitting power) are always higher than those of a handheld radio.

To eliminate such zones additional remote access stations receivers) have been installed. A remote access station is essentially a fixed radio operating only in receive mode and connected to an IP-network using FR-104 gateway.

Handheld radios are set into a scanning mode.