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Remote control by one base station


Reception and transmission of messages to the radio network from the control center located beyond radio communication zone.


It happened so that the pickets and mobile teams control center with the dispatcher turned out to be beyond radio communication zone. Under the circumstance, a radio installed on a 2-storey building roof failed to establish communication with the distant pickets, and communication in the mid-zone communication was intermittent.

To ensure robust radio communication, a 16-storey building has been selected in the middle of the radio communication zone in question. The building was provided with an Internet channel with a static IP-address by a local provider. In the dedicated premises on the building’s roof, a cabinet accommodating a radio, UPS and FR-101 RoIP (Radio-over-IP) gateway were installed. The cabinet was provided with Internet connection by an Internet provider.

Network circuit 9 EN

In the control center – in its alert force room –a KD-02 console has been installed on the duty officer’s table to perform message receive/transmit functions, and it was made in the form of a “radio” so that operator could be fully sure that he makes use of an “ordinary” radio but nothing else.

KD-02 console is connected, over an Internet channel, to FR-101 gateway which provided the possibility to control a remote radio in same way as if it stands directly on the duty officer’s table.