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PSC-2-15 Power Supply Controller

The Controller converts any reliable power supply source into a UPS for radio equipment.

KP-2-15 Power Supply Controller provides power supply for various radio engineering equipment with the voltage of 12 to 14 VDC, with the current consumption up to 15A. Output voltage is fed to three pairs of terminals, two of which can be disconnected when either temperature threshold is achieved or by applying an external command via RS-232 port.

Controller 6


Parameter Value
Input voltage form power source 12 — 15 V
Backup voltage source 12 V, 7.2 Ah battery
Battery charger available
Disconnection of battery from backup circuit without removing the terminals available (using a jumper)
Number of power supply outputs 3
Output voltage 12 — 14 V
Maximum output current 15 А
Temperature sensors connection ports, type TS 2
Fan port 1
Switchable temperature profiles 2 (using jumpers)
Audio announcement of controller operation modes available
Controller control via RS-232 interface available
ALARM signal Output OK, across external connector
BAT_LOW signal Output OK, across external connector