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Multi-zone (both with overlapped and non-overlapped coverage zones) dispatcher system with possible connection to PSTN, cellular and satellite networks

Provision of the maximum possible radio coverage of a highway section for MIA services. Provision of remote control of radios along the entire highway, logging, recording and monitoring of all radio communications. In implementing the mission, it is recommended to make use of the currently operating manpack radios.

To solve the task in complicated city terrain featuring technogenic obstacles and other factors, uniform radio coverage can be provided by using TWO (or more – depending on the conditions) transmission frequencies for repeaters to ensure the required coverage zone. In this case, receive frequency of all repeaters is the same, and subscriber radios are switched to scanning two or more receive channels. The main control mathematics is hidden in the voting server ("Voter" software), which receives and transmits the best signal to all repeaters of the system. Network subscribers moving on the territory are always within the service area of one of the repeaters of the system, and thus continuous communication is ensured without harmful interference which is bound to occur in places where service areas of repeaters overlap when repeaters operate on the same transmit frequencies.


Multi zone