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“Radiokupol” on duty in the Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs

Update and implementation of information technologies in the activities of the Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA).

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The MIA specifics put some requirements to the technical resources used in everyday life of the police staff, while the diversity of services in the Ministry still adds to these requirements substantially.

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Cooperation of the NTC company staff with the Russia’s MIA goes back to the faraway 1994. Since then, we have practically always managed to fulfill our mission and meet the requirements on the technique related to the equipment used for the police needs, in any field of activity.

Nevertheless, the basic direction in NTC company activity is the organization and development of radio communication system and facilities so as to provide MIA subdivisions with reliable equipment ensuring control of pickets and detachments, in any operating environment.

It is not a secret that there numerous complicated tasks in this direction, such as the equipment production costs. The conditions in which engineering modification of the MIA bodies is carried out, when the amount of the required equipment is expressed in digits with some zeros, it is the equipment production costs that frequently determine the purchase criterion.

In this regard, it is quite reasonable that MIA management would like to continue using the current and serviceable radio equipment the depreciation period of which has not yet expired and it is too early to discard it.


Updating of the Russia’s MIA real-time radio communication system using “Radiokupol” NTC company developments fully satisfies the above requirements, namely a low cost solution alongside with the possibility of using the current set of radio equipment. 


Russia’s MIA headquarters for Yaroslavskaya Province

“Radiokupol” system operation can be demonstrated by the example of the M-8 federal highway going through Yaroslavskaya Province where, within the framework of the project, radio communication line zone has been installed to enable police and road traffic control detachments communicate along the entire highway independent of where the detachment was located.
For the purpose, the highway was equipped with remote access stations comprising a radio, antenna and feeder circuit and Ethernet-protocol control and management facilities. These remote access stations were integrated into a single IP-network, and “Radiokupol” software was used to organize radio communication line zone that provided reception and transmission of messages along the entire highway.

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Russia’s MIA headquarters for Moscow Province

Another way of using the equipment was the installation of wireless radio units for the Moscow Province police subdivisions. Here the main task was provision of reliable radio communication on the territory that is under police subdivision control. This solution does not make use of “Radiokupol” software, and the duty officer has the right to decide, on his own account, which remote access station (radio) to use to make a call.

In this case, radio call can be made selectively, i.e. from the fixed radio which is currently closer to the required police officer or prompt action group.

Besides, when the mobile team is performing its operational task on the territory of another police department, the distance may be too great for the radio to establish communication, the police department duty officer can switch to the radio of that police department where the mobile team is currently located, provided this police department is equipped with the “Radiokupol” system, and make a call to his mobile team. It can be an adjacent province, remote area of the home province or even farther, in any case information is transmitted over an IP-channel for which a “distance” concept does not exist.

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