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FR-100 #6 Gateway

  • FR-100 #6 – SIP-version of FR-100 #1
  • Allows connection to SIP networks and devices
  • Works with Asterix, CISCO 2911
  • Receives DTMF-signals from air to ensure dialing
  • Voice announcement into air via a connected radio about call transition in SIP-network

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Ensures connection of SIP-network to a half-duplex radio communication subsystem


  • Software: Asterix
  • IP-devices: all supporting SIP-connection


Parameter Value
Audio input impedance Balance input, 10 kOhm
Input level at THD not more than 0.1% from 100 mV to 2 V
Audio frequency range 20Hz – 3600 Hz
Output level at THD not more than 0.1% from 100 mV to 2 V
Audio output impedance 400 Ohm
РТТ output type Open collector, voltage elevation to +5V / 100 mA
Network interface Ethernet, connector RJ-45
Protocols SDP, RTP, TCP, UDP, IP, SIP
Audio codec g.711 uLaw, GSM
Setup/Configuring Web, telnet or RS232
Connector to connect to radio DB26, female
Supply voltage 112 В +-4 V, current not more than 0.5 А
Power supply connector Coaxial Jack 2.5 mm, «+» in the center