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“Radiokupol” on duty in the Rosaeronavigatsia (division of Russian FAA)

Updating and implementation of information technologies in the activities of the Russia’s bodies of internal affairs.
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OOO “NTC” specialists in conjunction with specialists of the air traffic control public corporation have carried out a range of works on implementing FR-101 gateway to ensure air traffic control on the Eastern Siberia territory.
A task has been put forward to organize “Traffic controller– Aircrew” communication over an IP-channel. Since “Fazan” and “Polet” radios offered for use are provided with a non-standard external control interface, new interface devices had to be designed and manufactured.
Finding a solution for the organization of standby channels for communication between traffic controllers and aircrafts using a TCP/IP channel as a reference channel.
The mission proposed was solved in several steps:
- Development of the Statement Of Work (“Eastern Siberia Flight Navigation” specialists);
- Development of the Statement Of Work for interface devices (OOO “NTC” and “Eastern Siberia Flight Navigation” specialists);
- Development and manufacture of interface devices (OOO “NTC” specialists);
- Interface devices tests (“Eastern Siberia Flight Navigation” specialists).
- “Fazan” and “Polet” radios have connected to FR-101 gateway;
- Connection to “MEGAFON” voice communication console ensured;
- Connection to voice logging recorder system that was used earlier ensured;
- 20 equipment sets have been supplied.