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Dispatcher system for several base stations with a non-overlapping coverages


Monitoring and carrying out radio communication with several radio networks located either on the same territory or spaced from each other by a considerable distance.


In the control center, where dispatcher has to perform control (monitoring) and radio communication with several radio networks, KD-03 console is installed and connected to Internet.

In the working zones of controlled radio networks, fixed radios fitted with FR-101 RoIP (Radio-over-IP) gateways and providing remote control, are installed. Gateways, via Internet, are connected with KD-03 console using RoIP (Radio-over-IP) protocol.

KD 03 M network circuit EN

As a result, control center dispatcher can listen to / communicate with any radio network connected to the console. If radio can structurally provide remote control, then besides the receive/transmit function there is a possibility to switch channels.