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“Dispatcher” software

It includes three software modules!


Each node corresponds to one IP-connection:

  • visualization of the received signal and the direction of transmission from/to the dispatcher;
  • indication of connection loss;
  • direct communication with other dispatchers;
  • possibility of operation in multicast mode in networks that do not support this mode on their own;
  • audio muting on/off for each window;
  • node (built-in software SIP-module) to establish connection to PSTN via a SIP-network;
  • fine adjustment of the interface and connection parameters.


Voice Logging on dispatcher’s computer

  • Recording of talks with time/ traffic direction and message length data;
  • possibility of export in *.wav format;
  • visual representation of recordings, possibility of filtering and sorting, using date, time and direction data;
  • automatic deletion of records after the preset storage period expires (storage time period can be set up from 1 to 365 days).

Switching (Patching) - optional
The module allows simple dragging of the relevant blocks to create visual connections via several simultaneously operating switching channels.

IP-devices: FR-101, FR-104, KD-02, KD-03, Remote Voice Logging Recorder, Voting Server, DVC