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KD-02 Dispatcher Console

  • KD-02 is a simple IP-console designed in a mobile radio form-factor.
  • Simple segment LED display.
  • Up to 5 IP-connections (changing of channels to the loudspeaker ensures listening to one current channel only).
  • Possibility of operation in multicast mode in networks that do not support this mode on their own



  • Radio remote control
  • Organization of a dispatcher place in any place where IP-connection is available


  • Software: SINDIS FR-SF, «Dispatcher» software, “Switching” module
  • IP-devices: FR-101, FR-104, Voting Server, Remote Voice Logging Recorder, DVC


Parameter Значение
Loudspeaker power, W, not less than 5
Audio frequency range 300 Hz – 3600 Hz
Network interface  
Interface type Ethernet, connector RJ-45
Protocols HTTP, TCP, UDP, IP
Audio codec g.711 uLaw, GSM 6.10 FR
General parameters  
Setup/Configuring Web-interface
External keying unit connector RJ-45
Supply voltage 12 V±4 V, current not more than 1.2 А
Power supply connector Тип DS1110-01
Overall dimensions, mm 165x140x45 (WxDxH)