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Large-size construction with sections difficult for radio waves to pass through


Provision of robust radio communication in a complicated technogenic complex of buildings, including underground conditions, e.g. underground parkings and business premises located below ground level..


Big building EN

Radio communication on a complex site is organized using repeaters. But a subscriber located in the first repeater zone can not communicate with a subscriber located in the second repeater zone. To merge coverage zones of different repeaters into a common coverage zone, use is made of RoIP-controllers of our own production. In this case signal received by one repeater is transmitted over the IP-network to the rest of repeaters and reaches the destination at any point of the site. But there can be areas from which subscriber radios can not establish communication with the nearest repeater due to various reasons (e.g. low transmission power). To ensure coverage for such zones, “receive points” (remote access stations) are installed, the “point” being connected to the system via RoIP-controllers. All data transmitted over the IP-network are processed at the voting server.