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Company Review

New Technologies Center company was formed as a separate subdivision of ARGUT company to carry out research, development and production of professional radio communication devices and equipment that are essential for the customer and not available on the market.
The company is a confident leader on the RoIP equipment Russian market for over five years since it has been formed.

Within this period, a large number of projects have been implemented. We have manufactured, installed and put into operation over 300 base stations and 70 dispatcher centers in 17 regions of Russia. The total radio coverage area of our base stations have long ago exceeded one million square kilometers.

We have solved problems related to providing simple and reliable radio communication for federal highways, large airports (Sheremetjevo, Vnukovo), trade and leisure complexes (e.g. “Vegas” trade and leisure complex - the largest in Eastern Europe). We have offered also special applications.
Among our customers are Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, Federal Security Service of Russia, Rescue Services, Rosaeronavigatsia, common commercial customers, and even radioamateurs.

As of 2016, we initiate supplies of an advanced version of our “Radiokupol” system – “Radiokupol+”.
“Radiokupol+” is our analog version extension to right away three digital standards.

All the equipment has been developed by our company including software updates. All the items are produced in Russia.
For more detail please see this Catalog.
We hope to be useful for our Customers also in the future.

Respectfully yours,

SEO Stanislav Belovolov

Technical Director Andrey Ermoshkin

Our Team

Award winning team with a passion for technology.

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Andrey Ermoshkin

Technical Director

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Andrey Antipov


To contact us please use this form or call (495) 782-44-33. You can attach a file if necessary.


Russian Federation, 123007, Moscow, 4th Magistralnaya str., 11, bld.2.

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Te/fax: +7 (495) 782-44-33

 Our Clients

Well known clients from all over the world.

Interior Ministry
Interior Ministry of Russian Federation
Federal Security Service
Ministry of Emergency Situations
Ministry of Emergency Situations
Security of Russian railway transport
Business Centres
Business Centres