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Сommand and staff vehicle, field communication center, МУС and other mobile communications centers

Possibility to promptly interconnect subscribers that use different communication systems and located in a purpose-built vehicle: digital (DMR, dPMR, TETRA, IDAS, Nexedge etc.) / analog (VHF, UHF, SW) / telephone (PSTN, SIP, GSM/LTE, satellite).


To solve control and switching tasks for various radio networks in emergency conditions, use is made of the well-proven “Dispatcher” Region Interaction Provision System software and “Switching” Region Interaction Provision System software, in conjunction with a rack-mounted FR-101C gateway that enables connection of up to 4 radios of various services and common control of subscribers of these networks including possible integration (switching) of these networks into a single radio network with an integrated control center.