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Owing to the fact that the “Dispatcher” software is capable of switching controllable radios between themselves, the dispatcher can organized a common radio communication network that will include not only subscribers with radios of different make and standards but also radios belonging to different services. Thus, e.g. it is not a problem whatsoever to connect a MIA radio operating in digital APCO-25 standard with an EMERCOM radio that uses a different digital standard for radio communication, e.g. DMR.

Tasks of such a type arise basically in two cases.

First case - operational communications between subscribers of mixed-vendor networks in the location where some emergency operations are carried out. A typical example is a rescue operation.

Second case – smooth construction/ replacement of one type of base equipment with a different one without a possibility of making a logical interface between them, i.e. at places where routing of only digital radio communication channels and any other types (e.g. IDAS and DMR or SW and dPMR, etc) is required.