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Referred to such solutions is the local and distributed centralized radio control (with connection of one or more base stations providing NON-OVERLAPPING coverage zones).

FR-101 RoIP-protocol (Radio-over-IP) gateways  can operate both independently (communication by separate base stations and in the dispatcher mode using dispatcher software and/or KD-02 series consoles. It is worth noting that the independent mode of operation (“point-to-multipoint”) with the number of points up to 10 is not limited by the traditional for modern IP-networks limitation as it is with the multicast mode. This (and also the competitive price) is one of many differences between FR-101 and foreign analogs, e.g. world popular USA-made NXU-2A models (Chinese gateways are not considered here except when used for radio amateur purposes).

Basically, such tasks come forward when it comes to the radio communication zone that is at substantial distance from the control center, or the control center is “cut off” from radio communication zone by natural obstacles or by other technogenic structures, e.g. a high-voltage power transmission line.

Given below are examples of missions when such simplest solutions can be implemented.

!(Link) Remote control by one base station